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This target can be used to identify when interfaces have been idle for a
certain period of time. Timers are identified by labels and are created when
a rule is set with a new label. The rules also take a timeout value (in
seconds) as an option. If more than one rule uses the same timer label, the
timer will be restarted whenever any of the rules get a hit. One entry for
each timer is created in sysfs. This attribute contains the timer remaining
for the timer to expire. The attributes are located under the xt_idletimer
When the timer expires, the target module sends a sysfs notification to the
userspace, which can then decide what to do (eg. disconnect to save power).
\fB\-\-timeout\fP \fIamount\fP
This is the time in seconds that will trigger the notification.
\fB\-\-label\fP \fIstring\fP
This is a unique identifier for the timer. The maximum length for the
label string is 27 characters.