am 07df5f2e: Merge "Merge v4.0.0 from aosp/upstream-master"

* commit '07df5f2e6578d69bd26b02f52cc7123e74455541': (658 commits)
  ipnetns: add a runtime check for RTM_GETNSID support
  Revert "ip netns: Fix rtnl error while print netns list"
  Revert "configure: add missing INCLUDE to netnsid detection"
  man tc: Add description about class name option
  configure: add missing INCLUDE to netnsid detection
  docs: make spacing consistent
  man ip-link: Add missing link types - vti,ipvlan,nlmon
  ip-link: Align usage at [link-netns ID] line
  man ip-netns: Fix shifted layout at bottom of 'ip netns del'
  tc class: Ignore if default class name file does not exist
  tc: m_bpf: fix next arg selection after tc opcode
  man ip-netns: Fix syntax in default ns process, indent's
  man ip-link: Add ip-netns(8) in 'SEE ALSO'
  lib utils: fix family during af_bit_len calculation
  xfrm: Fix -o (oneline) being broken in xfrm and correct mark radix
  fix ip -force -batch to continue on errors
  bridge: drop reference to unused option embedded from manpage
  ip: Make uniform the use of synonyms list, show and lst
  tc class: Show class names from file