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#include "image_io/jpeg/jpeg_segment.h"
namespace photos_editing_formats {
namespace image_io {
class JpegScanner;
/// JpegSegmentProcessor is the abstract base class for implementations that do
/// something with the JPEG segments that the JpegScanner identifies.
class JpegSegmentProcessor {
virtual ~JpegSegmentProcessor() = default;
/// This function is called at the start of the JPegScanner::Run() function to
/// allow this JpegProcessor to initialize its data structures. It can also
/// inform the JpegScanner about preferences for the types of segments it is
/// interested in by calling the JpegScanner::UpdateInterestingMarkerFlags()
/// function.
/// @param scanner The scanner that is starting the JpegProcessor.
virtual void Start(JpegScanner* scanner) = 0;
/// This function is called repeatedly by the JpegScanner as it identifies
/// segments in the JPEG file. The JpegProcessor can access the data in the
/// segment to do interesting things, or can update the scanner's preferences
/// like in the Start() function.
/// @param scanner The scanner that is providing the segment to the processor.
/// @param segment The segment provided by the scanner to the processor.
virtual void Process(JpegScanner* scanner, const JpegSegment& segment) = 0;
/// This function is called after the JpegScanner has provided all the
/// segments to the JpegProcessor to allow the processor to finish its work
/// processing the segments.
/// @param scanner The scanner that is informing the processor that it is done
/// finding segments.
virtual void Finish(JpegScanner* scanner) = 0;
} // namespace image_io
} // namespace photos_editing_formats