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#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "image_io/base/data_range.h"
#include "image_io/base/types.h"
namespace photos_editing_formats {
namespace image_io {
/// Interesting segment types.
const char kExif[] = "Exif";
const char kJfif[] = "JFIF";
const char kMpf[] = "MPF";
/// A class that holds interesting information about a JpegSegment.
class JpegSegmentInfo {
/// @param image_index The index of the image in a @c DataSource that contains
/// the segment.
/// @param data_range The range in the segment in the @c DataSource.
/// @param type The type of segment.
JpegSegmentInfo(size_t image_index, const DataRange& data_range,
const std::string& type)
: image_index_(image_index), data_range_(data_range), type_(type) {}
/// Constructs an empty, invalid segment info.
JpegSegmentInfo() : image_index_(0) {}
JpegSegmentInfo(const JpegSegmentInfo&) = default;
JpegSegmentInfo& operator=(const JpegSegmentInfo&) = default;
/// @param rhs The segment info to compare with this one.
/// @return Whether the segment infos are equal
bool operator==(const JpegSegmentInfo& rhs) const {
return image_index_ == rhs.image_index_ && data_range_ == rhs.data_range_ &&
type_ == rhs.type_ && bytes_ == rhs.bytes_;
/// @param rhs The segment info to compare with this one.
/// @return Whether the segment infos are not equal
bool operator!=(const JpegSegmentInfo& rhs) const {
return !(*this == rhs);
/// @return Whether the segment info is valid.
bool IsValid() const { return !type_.empty() && data_range_.IsValid(); }
/// @return The image index of the segment info.
size_t GetImageIndex() const { return image_index_; }
/// @return The data range of the segment info.
const DataRange& GetDataRange() const { return data_range_; }
/// @return The type of the segment info.
const std::string& GetType() const { return type_; }
/// @return The (optional) bytes of the segment to which the info refers. The
/// vector will be empty unless the GetMutableBytes() function has been
/// and the vector filled with the segment contents.
const std::vector<Byte>& GetBytes() const { return bytes_; }
/// @return A non-const pointer to the bytes vector.
std::vector<Byte>* GetMutableBytes() { return &bytes_; }
// The image index where the segment is located.
size_t image_index_;
// The data range of the segment.
DataRange data_range_;
// The type of segment.
std::string type_;
// The (optional) bytes of the segment.
std::vector<Byte> bytes_;
} // namespace image_io
} // namespace photos_editing_formats