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#include <string>
#include <vector>
namespace photos_editing_formats {
namespace image_io {
namespace gcontainer {
// Writes an image to a output_file_name, appending other_files (if they each
// exist) after the image's EOI marker.
// input_file_name must be a JPEG file.
bool WriteImageAndFiles(const std::string& input_file_name,
const std::vector<std::string>& other_files,
const std::string& output_file_name);
// Retrieves the bytes (of size file_length) starting at file_starT_offset
// bytes after the EOI marker in input_file_name. Returns true if parsing was
// successful, false otherwise. GContainer callers are expected to have
// file_start_offset and file_length from the image metadata.
// input_file_name must be a JPEG.
// file_start_offset is the nth byte after (and excluding) the EOI marker in
// input_file_name. file_length is the size (in bytes) of content to parse.
// out_file_contents is populated with the requsted contents only if parsing is
// successful.
bool ParseFileAfterImage(const std::string& input_file_name,
size_t file_start_offset, size_t file_length,
std::string* out_file_contents);
} // namespace gcontainer
} // namespace image_io
} // namespace photos_editing_formats