Sync libimage_io to CL: #231067980

Changes included:
- [ddepth] Add GetItemPayload for istream
- Adds IStreamRefDataSource and OStreamRefDataDestination to the ImageIO
- Adds GDepthMetadata and readers and writers.
- Adds XmpGImageMetadata and related classes/changes.
- Adds a motion photo builder program and enhances/fixes other
- Adds some new util classes for use with motion photos builder/checker.
- Eliminates the global vars used by image_io::MessageHandler::Get().
- Adds ability to read and check the MP4 part of a motion photo.
- [rosie] Unify all minimum_os_version flags to a minimum_os.bzl file.
- Adds the beginnings of the motion photo checker feature.
- Adds camera and container metadata to motion_photos and updates video
- Adds classes/functions to xml/xmp in preparation for motion photo XMP
- Adds classes/functions to base/xmp in preparation for motion photo XMP
- Adds the photos/editing/formats/motion_photo and image_io/iso

Bug: 123316622
Test: Camera CTS
Change-Id: Ida94bd36cbe45346e493959c32dd713e1b786abb
33 files changed