Patches to igt-gpu-tools are very much welcome, we really want this to be the universal set of low-level tools and testcases for kernel graphics drivers on Linux and similar platforms. So please bring on porting patches, bugfixes, improvements for documentation and new tools and testcases.

The Code

  • The code should follow kernel coding style:

  • Testcases (subtests) have to use minus signs (-) as a word separator. The generated documentation contains glossary of commonly used terms.

  • All new test have to be described using igt_describe() family of functions. The description should contain the spirit of the test (what is the general idea behind the test) and not the letter (C to English translation of the test). Refer to igt_describe() documentation for more details.

  • The generated documentation contains explanation of magic control blocks like igt_subtest and igt_fixture. Please make sure that you understand their roles and limitation before using/altering them.

  • Also please make full use of all the helpers and convenience macros provided by the igt library. The semantic patch lib/igt.cocci can help with more automatic conversions.

Sending Patches

  • igt-gpu-tools is MIT licensed and we require contributions to follow the developer's certificate of origin:

  • Please submit patches formatted with git send-email/git format-patch or equivalent to:

    Development mailing list for IGT GPU Tools <>

    For patches affecting the driver directly please “cc” the appropriate driver mailing list and make sure you are using:

    --subject-prefix="PATCH i-g-t"

    so IGT patches are easily identified in the massive amount mails on driver's mailing list. To ensure this is always done, (and will run:

    git config format.subjectprefix "PATCH i-g-t"

    on its first invocation.

  • Patches need to be reviewed on the mailing list. Exceptions only apply for testcases and tooling for drivers with just a single contributor (e.g. vc4). In this case patches must still be submitted to the mailing list first. Testcase should preferably be cross-reviewed by the same people who write and review the kernel feature itself.

  • When patches from new contributors (without commit access) are stuck, for anything related to the regular releases, issues with packaging and integrating platform support or any other igt-gpu-tools issues, please contact one of the maintainers (listed in the MAINTAINERS file) and cc the igt-dev mailing list.

  • Changes to the testcases are automatically tested. Take the results into account before merging.

Commit Rights

Commit rights will be granted to anyone who requests them and fulfills the below criteria:

  • Submitted a few (5-10 as a rule of thumb) non-trivial (not just simple spelling fixes and whitespace adjustment) patches that have been merged already.

  • Are actively participating on discussions about their work (on the mailing list or IRC). This should not be interpreted as a requirement to review other peoples patches but just make sure that patch submission isn't one-way communication. Cross-review is still highly encouraged.

  • Will be regularly contributing further patches. This includes regular contributors to other parts of the open source graphics stack who only do the oddball rare patch within igt itself.

  • Agrees to use their commit rights in accordance with the documented merge criteria, tools, and processes.

Create a gitlab account at and apply for access to the IGT gitlab project, and please ping the maintainers if your request is stuck.

Committers are encouraged to request their commit rights get removed when they no longer contribute to the project. Commit rights will be reinstated when they come back to the project.

Maintainers and committers should encourage contributors to request commit rights, especially junior contributors tend to underestimate their skills.

Code of Conduct

Please be aware the fd.o Code of Conduct also applies to igt:

See the MAINTAINERS file for contact details of the igt maintainers.

Abuse of commit rights, like engaging in commit fights or willfully pushing patches that violate the documented merge criteria, will also be handled through the Code of Conduct enforcement process.

Happy hacking!