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$Id: TODO,v 1.4 2000/04/17 05:11:09 eldamitri Exp $
id3lib still requires the following work:
* testing testing testing
* The interface for file access is muddled. It has been separated out from the
next unstable release (3.9.x), but perhaps it can be cleaned up for 3.7.x
* id3lib needs a C interface. Badly.
* Some of the limitations present in 3.05a have been fixed, but many still
exist. See below for the original list and what has been updated.
Version 3.05a of ID3Lib has some known limitations...
* Firstly, contrary to good programming ideas and contrary to the 'ID3v2
Programming Guidelines', ID3Lib will explode in a ball of brilliant blue
flame if asked to parse an invalid ID3v2 tag. This will change.
+ Update for 3.7.0: this has been improved, but still requires more testing.
* Incorrect handling of unknown frames. This means that when ID3Lib encounters
an unknown frame, it is currently ignored. It is neither re-written to the
tag when re-rendered nor are the file or tag alter frame flags observed.
+ 3.7.0 adds nominal support for all remaining known frames (as defined in
the spec for id3v2.2.0 and id3v2.3.0 at Unknown frames are
now parsed and re-rendered, but the file and tag alter frame flags are not
yet observed
* No support for the read-only frame flag. It is currently ignored---such
frames can be altered at will.
* No support as yet for the verification of frames before rendering.
* Does not yet render 3.0 extended headers. Although the functionality for
selecting this is present, the setting is ignored for now.
* Does not yet parse 3.0 extended headers. They are quite adequately ignored
and the rest of the tag is parsed correctly.
* ID3Lib currently has no direct support for things like the language and
currency fields. It is up to the application to generate the data for these
fields manually. Soon, ID3Lib will have these things assigned to IDs so that
the applications programmer will not have to remember the ISO tables for the
actual strings.