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$Id: THANKS,v 1.20 2003/03/02 16:38:17 t1mpy Exp $
id3lib THANKS file
See the AUTHORS file for a list of past and current project maintainers.
Since version 3.05a, several individuals have helped further the development of
id3lib. They are listed below, in no particular order. Please inform the
current project maintainer if anyone has been missed.
* Paul-Henri ( and Christopher John Shaker <(
for pointing out where the code could have been more robust in tag_find.cpp.
* Bradley J. Marker for pointing out that checking for NULL in Set() can
prevent crashes.
* Todd Wilson for making a better field.cpp.
* Baz ( for creating a patch to get vbr info.
* Tobias Hoppe ( for providing a better way to
get the framesize.
* Philipp Thomas ( for help with compiling id3lib for gcc 3.2,
and make it better compliant with libstdc++
* John George ( for donating a number of routines
in misc_support.cpp.
* Frog Prince ( for helping with compatibility issues
for VB and Delphi
* Simon Ferrett ( made the domain point to our
project page. He also kindly created an email alias.
* Kamran ( fixed several bugs in MusicMatch's internal
version of ID3Lib which were merged into the current public version of
* Alexander Voronin ( has submitted several patches to fix a
variety of bugs.
* John Adcock ( provided the COM wrapper and lib
projects for id3lib, the VB test app for id3com.dll, as well as several
bugfixes and improvements.
* Myers W. Carpenter ( has submitted a patch for improving the
interface and functionality of the library.
* Justin Rogers ( has provided much valuable conversation
as to the design and implementation of id3lib.
* Mark B. Elrod ( has provided several patches for better
win32 functionality.
* Scott Moser ( provided the php translation of the
original ID3Lib manual
* Robert Moon ( provided tremendous help getting the C interface
up to speed, as well as providing bugfixes for the Windows projects.
* Lothar Egger ( also assisted in fixing the Windows
projects, as well as providing assistance for testing the dlls under Windows
* Severino Delaurenti ( added functionality for parsing
Lyrics3 v1.0 and v2.0 tags, as well as improving synchronized lyric frame
(SYLT) dramatically.
* Michael Little ( provided the delphi code for use with
* Peter Luijer ( provided much useful documentation
on the MusicMatch tagging format.
* Steven Frank ( provided invaluable help in
tracking down runtime bugs for the Macintosh port.
* The following individuals have assisted by providing bug reports and (often)
suggestions for fixes:
- Ben Noblet (
- Benedikt Roth (
- Christian Becker (
- Daryl Pawluk (
- John Firebaugh (
- John Southerland (
- Luca Leonardo Scorcia (
- Peter Thorstenson (
- Sasa Ðolic (
- Steven Frank (
- Tim Newsome (
Dirk Mahoney included the following at the end of his documentation on ID3Lib
3.05a. It is included in verbatim here.
Special Thanks and Credits
I would like to extend my many thanks to the people who have contributed to
the ID3Lib project. The show of support has been tremendous. I consider
ID3Lib to be a very 'international' product, as contributions have come from
almost literally every corner of the globe. If I have missed you, please
forgive my lapse of memory.
* Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler - for their great zlib compression library
and for making it free.
* Tord Jansson - for much help with teaching me how to make and use DLLs.
* Slava Karpenko for creating the MacOS static link libraries for the PowerPC
and CodeWarrior.
* Bob Kohn - for his advice, input, and generally creating the ID3Lib license
* Eng-Keong Lee - for finding a few bugs and for extensively testing ID3Lib
* James Lin - for his 'ID3v2 Programming Guidelines', and many helpful
* Michael Mutschler - for prompting me to write the Unicode support and for
his input on the ID3Lib calling convention.
* Martin Nilsson - for ID3v2, his support of the ID3Lib web page, for many,
many suggestions, debates, pointers, URLs, documents, and brightly coloured
* Chris Nunn - for the 3D animated ID3v2 logos which appear in the ID3Lib web
page and in the distribution.
* Lachlan Pitts - for general implementation ideas and his brief but helpful
work on the up-coming genre tree.
* Jukka Poikolainen - for prompting to implement error handling via the C++
exception handling mechanism instead of the old 2.xx-style of using an
error handling function.
* Carson Puchol - for his help with some minor Linux compilation hassles.
* Andreas Sigfridsson - for his initial code for the unsync/resync support
and for his very valuable input in long brainstorming sessions.
* Michael Robertson - for helping support ID3Lib by posting announcements on
* Ilana Rudnik - for bug finding and suggestions.
* Chuck Zenkus - for his support of ID3v2 and ID3Lib by providing us with a
mirror in the United States and for his bug finding and suggestions.
* And last but by no means least, all the others who support ID3Lib by
subscribing to the mailing list and to the contributors to the discussions
and debates in the ID3v2 discussion group.
Without the help of all these people, ID3Lib would not be as good as it is,
and I dare say might not even exist if they all weren't around to provide
motivation to continue to write the thing!
- Dirk Mahoney
22 November 1998
Brisbane, Australia