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* Copyright (C) 2014, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* quantityformatter.h
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "unicode/uobject.h"
class SimplePatternFormatter;
class UnicodeString;
class PluralRules;
class NumberFormat;
class Formattable;
class FieldPosition;
* A plural aware formatter that is good for expressing a single quantity and
* a unit.
* <p>
* First use the add() methods to add a pattern for each plural variant.
* There must be a pattern for the "other" variant.
* Then use the format() method.
* <p>
* Concurrent calls only to const methods on a QuantityFormatter object are
* safe, but concurrent const and non-const method calls on a QuantityFormatter
* object are not safe and require synchronization.
class U_I18N_API QuantityFormatter : public UMemory {
// TODO(Travis Keep): Add test for copy constructor, assignment, and reset.
* Default constructor.
* Copy constructor.
QuantityFormatter(const QuantityFormatter& other);
* Assignment operator
QuantityFormatter &operator=(const QuantityFormatter& other);
* Destructor.
* Removes all variants from this object including the "other" variant.
void reset();
* Adds a plural variant.
* @param variant "zero", "one", "two", "few", "many", "other"
* @param rawPattern the pattern for the variant e.g "{0} meters"
* @param status any error returned here.
* @return TRUE on success; FALSE otherwise.
UBool add(
const char *variant,
const UnicodeString &rawPattern,
UErrorCode &status);
* returns TRUE if this object has at least the "other" variant.
UBool isValid() const;
* Formats a quantity with this object appending the result to appendTo.
* At least the "other" variant must be added to this object for this
* method to work.
* @param quantity the single quantity.
* @param fmt formats the quantity
* @param rules computes the plural variant to use.
* @param appendTo result appended here.
* @param status any error returned here.
* @return appendTo
UnicodeString &format(
const Formattable &quantity,
const NumberFormat &fmt,
const PluralRules &rules,
UnicodeString &appendTo,
FieldPosition &pos,
UErrorCode &status) const;
SimplePatternFormatter *formatters[6];