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<P>collperf is a test program for comparing collation performance and key lengths of ICU, Windows native collation
and Unix/POSIX collation. It operates on a file of lines (names, for example), and performs one of three tests:</P>
<LI>Sort Key generation. Report on key lengths and key generation times.
<LI>Binary search. Report the average time required to look up each of the names (file lines) from the file in
a sorted list of all of the names.
<LI>Quick Sort. Report the time required to sort the file in memory, using the C library qsort function. The file
order is randomized prior to the sort.
<P><B>Usage Summary</B></P>
<TD WIDTH="100%">
<P><TT>collperf -help</TT>
<PRE><TT>Usage: strperf options...
-help Display this message.
-file file_name utf-16 format file of names
-locale name ICU locale to use. Default is en_US
-langid 0x1234 Windows Language ID number. Default 0x409 (en_US)
-win Run test using Windows native services. (ICU is default)
-unix Run test using Unix strxfrm, strcoll services.
-uselen Use API with string lengths. Default is null-terminated strings
-usekeys Run tests using sortkeys rather than strcoll
-loop nnnn Loopcount for test. Adjust for reasonable total running time.
-terse Terse numbers-only output. Intended for use by scripts.
-french French accent ordering
-norm Normalizing mode on
-shifted Shifted mode
-lower Lower case first
-upper Upper case first
-case Enable separate case level
-level n Sort level, 1 to 5, for Primary, Secndary, Tertiary, Quaternary, Identical
-binsearch Binary Search timing test
-keygen Sort Key Generation timing test
-qsort Quicksort timing test</TT></PRE>
<TD WIDTH="100%"><TT>C:\&gt;collperf -loop 200 -file latin.txt -keygen -shifted -level 4<BR>
file &quot;latin.txt&quot;, 7604 lines.<BR>
Sort Key Generation: total # of keys = 197704<BR>
Sort Key Generation: time per key = 4253 ns<BR>
Key Length / character = 1.730054</TT></TD>