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// Copyright (C) 2002-2011, International Business Machines
// Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
// File threadtest.h
// class AbstractThreadTest Base class for threading tests.
// Use of this abstract base isolates the part of the
// program that nows how to spin up and control threads
// from the specific stuff being tested, and (hopefully)
// simplifies adding new threading tests for different parts
// of ICU.
// Derived classes: A running test will have exactly one instance of a
// derived class, which will persist for the duration of the
// test and be shared among all of the threads involved in
// the test.
// The constructor will be called in a single-threaded environment,
// and should set up any data that will need to persist for the
// duration.
// runOnce() will be called repeatedly by the working threads of
// the test in the full multi-threaded environment.
// check() will be called periodically in a single threaded
// environment, with the worker threads temporarily suspended between
// between calls to runOnce(). Do consistency checks here.
class AbstractThreadTest {
AbstractThreadTest() {};
virtual ~AbstractThreadTest();
virtual void check() = 0;
virtual void runOnce() = 0;