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# ********************************************************************
# * Copyright (c) 2005-2012, International Business Machines Corporation and
# * others. All Rights Reserved.
# ********************************************************************
#use strict;
use lib '../perldriver';
require "../perldriver/";
use PerfFramework;
my $options = {
"title"=>"Collation performance: ICU,POSIX,and Win",
"headers"=>"ICU POSIX WIN",
"operationIs"=>"unicode String",
my $p;
if ($OnWindows) {
$p = $ICUPathLatest."/collperf/$WindowsPlatform/Release/collperf.exe";
} else {
$p = $ICUPathLatest."/collperf/collperf";
# programs
# tests will be done for all the programs. Results will be stored and connected
my $test;
if ($OnWindows) {
$tests = {
"Key Gen null", ["$p TestIcu_KeyGen_null", "$p TestPosix_KeyGen_null", "$p TestWin_KeyGen_null"],
"qsort strcoll null", ["$p TestIcu_qsort_strcoll_null", "$p TestPosix_qsort_strcoll_null", "$p TestWin_qsort_CompareStringW_null"],
"qsort use key", ["$p TestIcu_qsort_usekey", "$p TestPosix_qsort_usekey", "$p TestWin_qsort_usekey"],
"Binary Search icu strcoll null", ["$p TestIcu_BinarySearch_strcoll_null", "$p TestPosix_BinarySearch_strcoll_null", "$p TestWin_BinarySearch_CompareStringW_null"],
"Binary Search icu use key", ["$p TestIcu_BinarySearch_usekey", "$p TestPosix_BinarySearch_usekey", "$p TestWin_BinarySearch_usekey"],
# These are the original test. They are commented out to so that the above test can run and compare certain aspects of collation.
#"Key Gen ICU null", ["$p TestIcu_KeyGen_null"],
#"Key Gen ICU len", ["$p TestIcu_KeyGen_len"],
#"Key Gen POSIX", ["$p TestPosix_KeyGen_null"],
#"Key Gen Win", ["$p TestWin_KeyGen_null"],
#"Iteration icu forward null", ["$p TestIcu_ForwardIter_null"],
#"Iteration icu forward len", ["$p TestIcu_ForwardIter_len"],
#"Iteration icu backward null", ["$p TestIcu_BackwardIter_null"],
#"Iteration icu backward len", ["$p TestIcu_BackwardIter_len"],
#"Iteration/all icu forward null", ["$p TestIcu_ForwardIter_all_null"],
#"Iteration/all icu forward len", ["$p TestIcu_ForwardIter_all_len"],
#"Iteration/all icu backward null", ["$p TestIcu_BackwardIter_all_null"],
#"Iteration/all icu backward len", ["$p TestIcu_BackwardIter_all_len"],
#"qsort icu strcoll null", ["$p TestIcu_qsort_strcoll_null"],
#"qsort icu strcoll len", ["$p TestIcu_qsort_strcoll_len"],
#"qsort icu use key", ["$p TestIcu_qsort_usekey"],
#"qsort posix strcoll null", ["$p TestPosix_qsort_strcoll_null"],
#"qsort posix use key", ["$p TestPosix_qsort_usekey"],
#"qsort win CompareStringW null", ["$p TestWin_qsort_CompareStringW_null"],
#"qsort win CompareStringW len", ["$p TestWin_qsort_CompareStringW_len"],
#"qsort win use key", ["$p TestWin_qsort_usekey"],
#"Binary Search icu strcoll null", ["$p TestIcu_BinarySearch_strcoll_null"],
#"Binary Search icu strcoll len", ["$p TestIcu_BinarySearch_strcoll_len"],
#"Binary Search icu use key", ["$p TestIcu_BinarySearch_usekey"],
#"Binary Search icu u_strcmp", ["$p TestIcu_BinarySearch_strcmp"],
#"Binary Search icu cmpCPO", ["$p TestIcu_BinarySearch_cmpCPO"],
#"Binary Search posix strcoll null", ["$p TestPosix_BinarySearch_strcoll_null"],
#"Binary Search posix use key", ["$p TestPosix_BinarySearch_usekey"],
#"Binary Search win CompareStringW null", ["$p TestWin_BinarySearch_CompareStringW_null"],
#"Binary Search win CompareStringW len", ["$p TestWin_BinarySearch_CompareStringW_len"],
#"Binary Search win use key", ["$p TestWin_BinarySearch_usekey"],
#"Binary Search win wcscmp", ["$p TestWin_BinarySearch_wcscmp"],
} else {
$tests = {
"Key Gen null", ["$p TestIcu_KeyGen_null", "$p TestPosix_KeyGen_null"],
"qsort strcoll null", ["$p TestIcu_qsort_strcoll_null", "$p TestPosix_qsort_strcoll_null"],
"qsort use key", ["$p TestIcu_qsort_usekey", "$p TestPosix_qsort_usekey"],
"Binary Search icu strcoll null", ["$p TestIcu_BinarySearch_strcoll_null", "$p TestPosix_BinarySearch_strcoll_null"],
"Binary Search icu use key", ["$p TestIcu_BinarySearch_usekey", "$p TestPosix_BinarySearch_usekey"],
my $dataFiles = {
runTests($options, $tests, $dataFiles);