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* Copyright (C) 2005-2013, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* file name: package.h
* encoding: US-ASCII
* tab size: 8 (not used)
* indentation:4
* created on: 2005aug25
* created by: Markus W. Scherer
* Read, modify, and write ICU .dat data package files.
#ifndef __PACKAGE_H__
#define __PACKAGE_H__
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include <stdio.h>
// .dat package file representation ---------------------------------------- ***
#define STRING_STORE_SIZE 100000
typedef void CheckDependency(void *context, const char *itemName, const char *targetName);
struct Item {
char *name;
uint8_t *data;
int32_t length;
UBool isDataOwned;
char type;
class U_TOOLUTIL_API Package {
* Constructor.
* Prepare this object for a new, empty package.
/* Destructor. */
* Uses the prefix of the first entry of the package in readPackage(),
* rather than the package basename.
void setAutoPrefix() { doAutoPrefix=TRUE; }
* Same as setAutoPrefix(), plus the prefix must end with the platform type letter.
void setAutoPrefixWithType() {
void setPrefix(const char *p);
* Read an existing .dat package file.
* The header and item name strings are swapped into this object,
* but the items are left unswapped.
void readPackage(const char *filename);
* Write a .dat package file with the items in this object.
* Swap all pieces to the desired output platform properties.
* The package becomes unusable:
* The item names are swapped and sorted in the outCharset rather than the local one.
* Also, the items themselves are swapped in-place
void writePackage(const char *filename, char outType, const char *comment);
* Return the input data type letter (l, b, or e).
char getInType();
// find the item in items[], return the non-negative index if found, else the binary-not of the insertion point
int32_t findItem(const char *name, int32_t length=-1) const;
* Set internal state for following calls to findNextItem() which will return
* indexes for items whose names match the pattern.
void findItems(const char *pattern);
int32_t findNextItem();
* Set the match mode for findItems() & findNextItem().
* @param mode 0=default
* MATCH_NOSLASH * does not match a '/'
void setMatchMode(uint32_t mode);
enum {
void addItem(const char *name);
void addItem(const char *name, uint8_t *data, int32_t length, UBool isDataOwned, char type);
void addFile(const char *filesPath, const char *name);
void addItems(const Package &listPkg);
void removeItem(int32_t itemIndex);
void removeItems(const char *pattern);
void removeItems(const Package &listPkg);
/* The extractItem() functions accept outputType=0 to mean "don't swap the item". */
void extractItem(const char *filesPath, int32_t itemIndex, char outType);
void extractItems(const char *filesPath, const char *pattern, char outType);
void extractItems(const char *filesPath, const Package &listPkg, char outType);
/* This variant extracts an item to a specific filename. */
void extractItem(const char *filesPath, const char *outName, int32_t itemIndex, char outType);
int32_t getItemCount() const;
const Item *getItem(int32_t idx) const;
* Check dependencies and return TRUE if all dependencies are fulfilled.
UBool checkDependencies();
* Enumerate all the dependencies and give the results to context and call CheckDependency callback
* @param context user context (will be passed to check function)
* @param check will be called with context and any missing items
void enumDependencies(void *context, CheckDependency check);
void enumDependencies(Item *pItem, void *context, CheckDependency check);
* Default CheckDependency function used by checkDependencies()
static void checkDependency(void *context, const char *itemName, const char *targetName);
* Allocate a string in inStrings or outStrings.
* The length does not include the terminating NUL.
char *allocString(UBool in, int32_t length);
void sortItems();
// data fields
char inPkgName[MAX_PKG_NAME_LENGTH];
char pkgPrefix[MAX_PKG_NAME_LENGTH];
uint8_t *inData;
uint8_t header[1024];
int32_t inLength, headerLength;
uint8_t inCharset;
UBool inIsBigEndian;
UBool doAutoPrefix;
UBool prefixEndsWithType;
int32_t itemCount;
int32_t itemMax;
Item *items;
int32_t inStringTop, outStringTop;
char inStrings[STRING_STORE_SIZE], outStrings[STRING_STORE_SIZE];
// match mode for findItems(pattern) and findNextItem()
uint32_t matchMode;
// state for findItems(pattern) and findNextItem()
const char *findPrefix, *findSuffix;
int32_t findPrefixLength, findSuffixLength;
int32_t findNextIndex;
// state for checkDependencies()
UBool isMissingItems;
* Grow itemMax to new value
void setItemCapacity(int32_t max);
* Grow itemMax to at least itemCount+1
void ensureItemCapacity();