Update timezone data to 2016b

  Changes affecting future time stamps

    New zones Europe/Astrakhan and Europe/Ulyanovsk for Astrakhan and
    Ulyanovsk Oblasts, Russia, both of which will switch from +03 to +04 on
    2016-03-27 at 02:00 local time.  They need distinct zones since their
    post-1970 histories disagree.  New zone Asia/Barnaul for Altai Krai and
    Altai Republic, Russia, which will switch from +06 to +07 on the same date
    and local time.  Also, Asia/Sakhalin moves from +10 to +11 on 2016-03-27
    at 02:00.  (Thanks to Alexander Krivenyshev for the heads-up, and to
    Matt Johnson and Stepan Golosunov for followup.)

    As a trial of a new system that needs less information to be made up,
    the new zones use numeric time zone abbreviations like "+04"
    instead of invented abbreviations like "ASTT".

    Haiti will not observe DST in 2016.  (Thanks to Jean Antoine via
    Steffen Thorsen.)

    Palestine's spring-forward transition on 2016-03-26 is at 01:00, not 00:00.
    (Thanks to Hannah Kreitem.) Guess future transitions will be March's last
    Saturday at 01:00, not March's last Friday at 24:00.

  Changes affecting past time stamps

    Europe/Chisinau observed DST during 1990, and switched from +04 to
    +03 at 1990-05-06 02:00, instead of switching from +03 to +02.
    (Thanks to Stepan Golosunov.)

    1991 abbreviations in Europe/Samara should be SAMT/SAMST, not
    KUYT/KUYST.  (Thanks to Stepan Golosunov.)

This change contains ICU changes from:


The upstream ICU change is mislabeled as 2016a, and it contains metaZones.txt
updates for Russian timezones that are not obviously related to 2016b (but
are believed to be correct and corrolate with reports from a Russian Android
tester related to Anadyr).

Bug: 27656428
(cherry picked from commit aa150cc7b6a6c83988847c5e01a4e7bea8c3ea62)

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