Update timezone data to 2016c

 Changes affecting future time stamps

    Azerbaijan no longer observes DST.  (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen.)

    Chile reverts from permanent to seasonal DST.  (Thanks to Juan
    Correa for the heads-up, and to Tim Parenti for corrections.)
    Guess that future transitions are August's and May's second
    Saturdays at 24:00 mainland time.  Also, call the period from
    2014-09-07 through 2016-05-14 daylight saving time instead of
    standard time, as that seems more appropriate now.

  Changes affecting past time stamps

    Europe/Kaliningrad and Europe/Vilnius changed from +03/+04 to
    +02/+03 on 1989-03-26, not 1991-03-31.  Europe/Volgograd changed
    from +04/+05 to +03/+04 on 1988-03-27, not 1989-03-26.
    (Thanks to Stepan Golosunov.)

This change incorporates ICU metadata changes from

Bug: 27826144
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