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This repo contains Android's copy of ICU4C and ICU4J and associated tools and code.
icu4j/ - ICU4J with Google and Android-specific patches applied.
After patching this make sure to run the following to update
the repackaged version used in Android and CTS tests.
android_icu4j/ - This is the copy of ICU4J used in the Android platform.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not make changes to this code directly,
except where noted in android_icu4j/ See
tools/ for how to generate it.
icu4c/ - ICU4C with Google and Android-specific patches applied.
android_icu4c/ - Configuration code used when building ICU4C on Android.
libandroidicu/ - The subset of ICU4C exposed to framework code and other
components outside of the mainline module that contains ICU.
libandroidicuinit/ - A static library for ICU4C initialization. Used by
libandroidicu and libjavacore to initialize ICU4C.
tools/ - Code / data maintenance tools. See tools/