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Pan-Ethiopic hyphenation patterns
(more info about the licence to be added later)
% Experimental pattern file for languages written using the Ethiopic script.
% Arthur Reutenauer, London, 2011, for the hyph-utf8 project.
% Copyright (c) TeX Users Group, 2011.
% You may freely use, copy, modify and / or redistribute this file.
% This is a generated file. If you wish to edit it, consider adapting the
% generating programme
% (svn://
% The BCP 47 language tag for that file is "mul-ethi" to reflect the fact that
% it can be used by multiple languages (and a single script, Ethiopic). It is,
% though, not supposed to be linguistically relevant and should, for proper
% typography, be replaced by files tailored to individual languages. What we
% do for the moment is to simply allow break on either sides of Ethiopic
% syllables, and to forbid it before some punctuation marks particular to
% the Ethiopic script (which we thus make letters for this purpose).