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Hyphenation patterns for American English
(more info about the licence to be added later)
% This file has been renamed from ushyphmax.tex to hyph-en-us.tex in June 2008
% for consistency with other files with hyphenation patterns in hyph-utf8 package.
% No other changes made. See for more details.
% ushyphmax.tex -- patterns for more hyphenation pattern memory (12000+).
% Also known as ushyphen.max.
% version of 2005-05-30.
% Patterns of March 1, 1990.
% Copyright (C) 1990, 2004, 2005 Gerard D.C. Kuiken.
% Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
% are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
% notice and this notice are preserved.
% Needs extended pattern memory.
% Hyphenation trie becomes 7283 with 377 ops.
% These patterns are based on the Hyphenation Exception Log
% published in TUGboat, Volume 10 (1989), No. 3, pp. 337-341,
% and a large number of incorrectly hyphenated words not yet published.
% If added to Liang's before the closing bracket } of \patterns,
% the patterns run errorfree as far as known at this moment.
% These patterns find all admissible hyphens of the words in
% the Exception Log. ushyph2.tex is a smaller set.
% Please send bugs or suggestions to tex-live (at)
% 2005-05-30 (karl): in the past, ushyphmax.tex was a file containing
% only the additional patterns, without the \patterns command, etc.
% This turned out not to be very useful, since in practice the TeX
% distributions need one self-contained file for a language. Therefore,
% ushyphmax.tex now contains both the additional patterns from
% Dr. Kuiken, and the original patterns and hyphenations from Knuth's
% hyphen.tex.
% The Plain TeX hyphenation tables.