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URL: svn://
Version: r748
License: various
License File: NOTICE
Hyphenation patterns for automatic hyphenation from TeX hyphenation patterns
project at
Local Modifications:
Only the following patterns are included:
* Armenian (hy)
* Assamese (as)
* Basque (eu)
* Bengali (bn)
* Bulgarian (bg)
* Church Slavonic (cu)
* Croation (hr)
* Danish (da)
* Estonian (et)
* Ethiopic script (und-Ethi)
* French (fr)
* Gujarati (gu)
* Hindi (hi)
* Hungarian (hu)
* Irish (ga)
* Kannada (kn)
* Malayalam (ml)
* Marathi (mr)
* Mongolian written in Cyrillic (mn-cyrl)
* Norwegian Bokmål (nb)
* Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
* Oriya (or)
* Portuguese (pt)
* Punjabi (pa)
* Sanskrit (sa)
* Slovenian (sl)
* Spanish (es)
* Tamil (ta)
* Telugu (te)
* Turkmen (tk)
* US English (en-US)
* Welsh (cy)
The Ethiopic script pattern files have been renamed from mul-ethi to und-ethi,
to properly follow BCP 47 naming.
In case hyphenation patterns are licensed under dual licenses,
hyph-{lang}.lic.txt files are edited to keep only the license Android applies
as listed in the corresponding NOTICE files.
German patterns are taken from a different upstream. Please see the file in the 'de' directory for further details.
British English (en-GB) patterns are taken from a different part of TUG
texhyphen repository. Please see the file in the 'en-GB'