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Norwegian Bokmal hyphenation patterns
(more info about the licence to be added later)
% Adapted to the new pattern-loading scheme.
% Original file name was nbhyph.tex
% TeX hyphenation patterns for Norwegian Bokmal
% Version 2007-02-10
% Copyright (C) 2007 Karl Ove Hufthammer.
% Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
% are permitted in any medium without royalty, provided the copyright
% notice and this notice are preserved.
% This file contains hyphenation patterns for Norwegian Bokmal.
% It uses the Norwegian hyphenation patterns from nohyphbx.tex,
% created by Rune Kleveland and Ole Michael Selberg. Please see
% that file for copyright information on those patterns.
% The patterns in nohyphbx are based on both Norwegian Bokmal
% and Norwegian Nynorsk, and works about equally well for both
% languages. This file, nbhyph.tex, contains only a few hyphenation
% exceptions, for words that needs to be hyphenated differently for
% the two languages.
% Please send bugs or suggestions to
\input hyph-no.tex