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* honggfuzz - utilities
* -----------------------------------------
* Author: Robert Swiecki <>
* Copyright 2010-2015 by Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
* not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
* a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* implied. See the License for the specific language governing
* permissions and limitations under the License.
#ifndef _HF_UTIL_H_
#define _HF_UTIL_H_
#include <pthread.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#ifdef __clang__
#include <stdatomic.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <time.h>
#define MX_LOCK(m) util_mutexLock(m, __func__, __LINE__)
#define MX_UNLOCK(m) util_mutexUnlock(m, __func__, __LINE__)
#define MX_RWLOCK_READ(m) util_mutexRWLockRead(m, __func__, __LINE__)
#define MX_RWLOCK_WRITE(m) util_mutexRWLockWrite(m, __func__, __LINE__)
#define MX_RWLOCK_UNLOCK(m) util_mutexRWUnlock(m, __func__, __LINE__)
/* Atomics */
#define ATOMIC_GET(x) __atomic_load_n(&(x), __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_SET(x, y) __atomic_store_n(&(x), y, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_CLEAR(x) __atomic_store_n(&(x), 0, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_XCHG(x, y) __atomic_exchange_n(&(x), y, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_PRE_INC(x) __atomic_add_fetch(&(x), 1, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_POST_INC(x) __atomic_fetch_add(&(x), 1, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_PRE_DEC(x) __atomic_sub_fetch(&(x), 1, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_POST_DEC(x) __atomic_fetch_sub(&(x), 1, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_PRE_ADD(x, y) __atomic_add_fetch(&(x), y, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_POST_ADD(x, y) __atomic_fetch_add(&(x), y, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_PRE_SUB(x, y) __atomic_sub_fetch(&(x), y, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_POST_SUB(x, y) __atomic_fetch_sub(&(x), y, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_PRE_AND(x, y) __atomic_and_fetch(&(x), y, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_POST_AND(x, y) __atomic_fetch_and(&(x), y, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_PRE_OR(x, y) __atomic_or_fetch(&(x), y, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_POST_OR(x, y) __atomic_fetch_or(&(x), y, __ATOMIC_SEQ_CST)
#define ATOMIC_PRE_INC_RELAXED(x) __atomic_add_fetch(&(x), 1, __ATOMIC_RELAXED)
#define ATOMIC_POST_OR_RELAXED(x, y) __atomic_fetch_or(&(x), y, __ATOMIC_RELAXED)
__attribute__((always_inline)) static inline uint8_t ATOMIC_BTS(uint8_t* addr, size_t offset) {
uint8_t oldbit;
addr += (offset / 8);
oldbit = ATOMIC_POST_OR_RELAXED(*addr, ((uint8_t)1U << (offset % 8)));
return oldbit;
extern void* util_Malloc(size_t sz);
extern void* util_Calloc(size_t sz);
extern void* util_MMap(size_t sz);
extern void* util_Realloc(void* ptr, size_t sz);
extern char* util_StrDup(const char* s);
extern uint64_t util_rndGet(uint64_t min, uint64_t max);
extern void util_rndBuf(uint8_t* buf, size_t sz);
extern uint64_t util_rnd64(void);
extern int util_ssnprintf(char* str, size_t size, const char* format, ...);
extern int util_vssnprintf(char* str, size_t size, const char* format, va_list ap);
extern void util_getLocalTime(const char* fmt, char* buf, size_t len, time_t tm);
extern void util_nullifyStdio(void);
extern bool util_redirectStdin(const char* inputFile);
extern uint64_t util_hash(const char* buf, size_t len);
extern int64_t util_timeNowMillis(void);
extern uint64_t util_getUINT32(const uint8_t* buf);
extern uint64_t util_getUINT64(const uint8_t* buf);
extern void util_mutexLock(pthread_mutex_t* mutex, const char* func, int line);
extern void util_mutexUnlock(pthread_mutex_t* mutex, const char* func, int line);
extern void util_mutexRWLockRead(pthread_rwlock_t* mutex, const char* func, int line);
extern void util_mutexRWLockWrite(pthread_rwlock_t* mutex, const char* func, int line);
extern void util_mutexRWUnlock(pthread_rwlock_t* mutex, const char* func, int line);
extern int64_t fastArray64Search(uint64_t* array, size_t arraySz, uint64_t key);
extern bool util_isANumber(const char* s);
extern size_t util_decodeCString(char* s);
extern uint64_t util_CRC64(const uint8_t* buf, size_t len);
extern uint64_t util_CRC64Rev(const uint8_t* buf, size_t len);