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  2. corpus_http1/
  3. corpus_http2/
  4. httpd-master.honggfuzz.patch
  5. httpd.conf.h1
  6. httpd.conf.h2
  7. httpd.wordlist

Fuzzing Apache 2.4


  • honggfuzz (1.0 or from the master branch)
  • clang-4.0, or newer (5.0 works as well)
  • apache (e.g.: 2.4.25 or the master branch from git)


Note: The examples provided below use hardcoded paths (here to /home/swiecki/) and version strings of the libraries (e.g. apr-1.5.2). These will have to be modified, so they reflect your actual build environment.

  1. Compile honggfuzz
  2. Download and unpack the following packages: apr, apr-util, ngttp2, and Apache's httpd
  3. Patch Apache's httpd
$ cd httpd-master
$ patch -p1 < httpd-master.honggfuzz.patch
  1. Configure, compile and install Apache
  • edit to contain valid versions/paths
$ ./
  1. Copy the custom configuration files to /home/swiecki/fuzz/apache/apache2/conf/ (i.e. to your apache dist directory)
$ cp httpd.conf.h1 httpd.conf.h2 /home/swiecki/fuzz/apache/apache2/conf/


  • HTTP/1
$ honggfuzz/honggfuzz -P -f corpus_http1 -w ./httpd.wordlist -- ./apache2/bin/httpd -DFOREGROUND -f  /home/swiecki/fuzz/apache/apache2/conf/httpd.conf.h1
  • HTTP/2
$ honggfuzz/honggfuzz -P -f corpus_http2 -w ./httpd.wordlist -- ./apache2/bin/httpd -DFOREGROUND -f /home/swiecki/fuzz/apache/apache2/conf/httpd.conf.h2