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Version: f540af9fd49f33cc07b3446a8895c7b51cbf0944
BugComponent: 40416
Version f540af9fd49f33cc07b3446a8895c7b51cbf0944 was chosen because it is the
point at which v2.0.0.0 and master diverge. There are only about 7 commits
on v2.0.0.0 which are not on master but they do conflict with some changes in
master. Those changes appear to be relatively minor and while it is not clear
what the future holds for Hamcrest given that it has had no activity since June
2016 it seems unnecessary to take those extra 7 commits given the potential for
conflicts in future upgrades.
Local Changes:
Remove hamcrest-library/src/main/java/org/hamcrest/beans/ as Android does not support java.beans.