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== Version ==
A new beginning...
* Upgraded to Java 7
* Build with Gradle
* Publish a single jar java-hamcrest-x.x.x.x.jar
* Removed deprecated methods from previous release
* Improve mismatch description of hasItem/hasItems
* General improvements to mismatch descriptions
* Several JavaDoc improvements and corrections
* Fix gh issue #69 - Iterable contains in order is null-safe
* Fix gh issue #59 - added equalToObject() (i.e. unchecked) method
* Fix gh issue #25 - arrayContaining(null, null) cause NullPointerException
* Fix gh issue #36 - string matching on regular expressions
* Fix gh issue #8 - isCloseTo() shows wrong delta in mismatch description
* Fix issue 131 - Implement IsEmptyMap, IsMapWithSize
* Fix issue 155 - Deprecated several matcher factory methods of the for "isXyz"
* Fix issue 187 - IsArray.describeMismatchSafely() should use Matcher.describeMismatch
* Fix issue 155 - Add Matcher implementation for files
* Fix issue 59 - add untyped version of equalTo, named equalToObject
* Fix issue 69 - fix NPE in IsIterableContainingInOrder
* Fix issue 75 - address doclint errors reported in JDK 1.8
== Version 1.3: Released July 09 2012 ==
* Introduce Condition class to ease the implementation of multi-step matches
* Upgrade qdox (included in the generator) to the latest stable version
* Correct inadvertent deprecation of the Is.isA factory method
* Fix issue 179 - AllOf does not output mismatch description
* Fix issue 177 - Introduced closeTo matcher for BigDecimals
* Fix issue 152 - Factory classes missing from matchers.xml
* Fix issue 144 - OrderingComparison doesn't describe mismatch of comparables that return values other than (-1,0,1)
* Fix issue 134 - DescribedAs does not delegate describeMismatch
* Fix issue 106 - deprecation warning when writing custom matchers
* Fix issue 101 - Added theInstance alias for sameInstance factory method
== Version 1.3 RC2: Released October 22 2010 ==
* Added FeatureMatcher
* distinguish between instanceOf() and any()
== Version 1.2: Released May 16 2009 ==
* Added mismatch reporting
* Added WithSamePropertyValuesAs matcher
* Moved any() from IsAnything to IsInstanceOf. It now checks the type of the matched object
* Moved MatcherAssert from integration to core
* Tightened up generics.
* Added IsMapContainingKey and IsMapContainingValue matchers to resolve a
generics bug in hasKey and hasValue static factories previously declared
in IsMapContaining (ngd)
* Added IsCollectionOnlyContaining and IsArrayOnlyContaining which matches
collections (and arrays) where all match a given matcher. E.g onlyContains(3,4,5)
or onlyContains(lessThan(9))
* text module moved to separate project, hamcrest-text-patterns
* added more colection matchers: xContainingInAnyOrder, xContainingInOrder, xWithSize
* new text Matcher: IsEmptyString
* hamcrest generator uses method return type
== Version 1.1: Released Jun 30 2007 ==
* Hamcrest Generator now includes JavaDoc and parameter names in generated code
by using QDox to parse the source code.
* Created hamcrest-core.jar (and removed hamcrest-api.jar).
Moved core set of matchers (and, eq, not, etc)
to this package to make it more practical for external libraries
to embed Hamcrest.
* Created CoreMatchers (static import sugar) in hamcrest-core.jar.
* StringBuilder can use any Appendable (not just StringBuffer).
* Added sensible toString() method to BaseMatcher.
* Created StringDescription.asString() alias (because toString() caused issues
with static imports).
* Relaxed isInstanceOf() matcher generic type so it can be used on any kind of
object. e.g. assertThat(someUnknownObject, isInstanceOf(String.class));
* Added any(Class<T>), null(Class<T>) and notNull(Class<T>) matchers, which returns
Matcher<T>. Helpful when the compiler struggles with type inference.
* Modified anyOf() and allOf() to accept mixed-types.
* TypeSafeMatcher.matchesSafely() is now public.
* Generator recognizes @Factory methods that return subclass of Matcher.
(Fix by David Saff)
== Version 1.0: Released Dec 15 2006 ==
Initial release.
* Support for namespaces in HasXPath
* Bug fix for matching empty elements with HasXPath