gwp_asan_headers is marked as available to platform

The header lib is depended on by many of the bionic libraries which are
part of the platform.

With b/153073816, we will be checking the availability to the platform,
i.e. platform-available module depending on platform-unavailable module
causes a build error.

Prepare for the change by correctly marking that this interface lib is
available to the platform.

Also, this change narrows down the APEXes where this header lib is
available for. Instead of allowing it to be included in any APEX, the
list of APEXes that are currently using this is specified.

Bug: 153073816
Test: m
Change-Id: Ie329792936599072aaf2bc66a51b64f064baa229
diff --git a/Android.bp b/Android.bp
index 1112873..dacc40f 100644
--- a/Android.bp
+++ b/Android.bp
@@ -50,13 +50,16 @@
     apex_available: [
-        // This header lib is depended on by gwp_asan which is available to
-        // platform.
+        // This header lib is compiled also as part of the platform due to libasync_safe
+        // and others that are compiled with this header and are statically included
+        // in the platform side.
-        // GWP-ASan headers are frequently referenced by apexes that include
-        // references to libc_headers or libc_scudo. These modules manage apex
-        // visibility in Soong, and are globally visible.
-        "//apex_available:anyapex",
+        "",
+        // GWP-ASan headers are currently referenced by the following additional APEXes
+        "",
+        "",
+        "",
+        "",