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name: "GWP-ASan"
"GWP-ASan is a sampled allocator framework that assists in finding "
"use-after-free and heap-buffer-overflow bugs in production environments. "
"It informally is a recursive acronym, 'GWP-ASan Will Provide Allocation "
"SANity'. "
"GWP-ASan is based on the classic Electric Fence Malloc Debugger "
"<>, with a key adaptation. Notably, we "
"only choose a very small percentage of allocations to sample, and apply "
"guard pages to these sampled allocations only. The sampling is small "
"enough to allow us to have very low performance overhead."
third_party {
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version: "8f5e1755ca385566c0352a9bd292218cebfd3d0b"
license_type: NOTICE
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