Allow turning off stack trace collection in Guice.

By setting guice_include_stack_traces flag OFF, Guice does not collect stack traces for identifying the declaring source of a binding. Instead it uses the first non-skipped module class name from the modules stack. As a result, in some cases, error messages can be slightly different with this flag. For example, the file name and line number are not always available.

A sample error message with this flag :

Guice creation errors:
1) Received null converting foo (bound at Source) (via modules: -> to java.util.Date
using CustomConverter which matches only(java.util.Date) (bound at Source) (via modules: -> ->
while locating java.util.Date annotated with
for field at
at Source) (via modules: ->

This also changes the DEFAULT flag name to ONLY_FOR_DECLARTION_SOURCE.
Adds InternalFlags.getIncludeStackTraceOption() to wrap system property access.
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