Massive refactoring to exception handling. I'm trying to simplify things, but they are currently a little bit more complicated. I'll do another round shortly.

The main benefit of this change is that now all of our error handling flows through one class: 

It takes care of 
 - managing the current source line,
 - managing the current InjectionPoint
 - building Messages
 - toStrings

Because of this refactoring we now use almost exactly the same code for both ProvisionException and CreationException. The consequence of this is that ProvisionExceptions now include a full error report -- all of the classes injected. "Fail fast, but not too fast" now applies to Provide-time as well as Injector-create time.

I also made InjectionPoint into a public class in SPI. It replaces dependency. I like this change because "dependency" is a very abstract name, whereas InjectionPoint is very Guicey. Guice injects stuff. Dependencies are a consequence of this, but I like the API better exposing the core Guice abstractions directly.

This entire change needs further doc, simplification and cleanup. Todo.

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