Refinements to PrivateModules:
 - new test cases
 - support for @Provides methods
 - error detection on keys that are exposed but not bound

Also refactoring ProviderMethods to make this work.

I'm beginning to run into a wall with what is possible with implementing private modules as an extension rather than as a part of core. In particular:
 - I need to hack ProviderMethods so they're not installed in the public scope
 - I need to hack BindingProcessor to tolerate doubly-bound keys for Private Modules

The lack of core-support is also going to prevent private modules from having first-class support in the SPI. Ideally we should be able to have a binding type called "ChildBinding" to which the exposed keys belong. This binding would simply point at the child injector that implements the binding (and possibly the delegate binding also).

It's also preventing me from being able to detect a small class of errors - when a child module binds a key that's exposed by one of its sibling modules, we don't detect the binding conflict.

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