Updates the internals of an Element's source to keep track of the Modules that installed it, as well as the complete stack trace leading to the binding. The data is not yet exposed in Element.getSource(), but will be exposed in a future CL.

Technical details:
1) The call stack data is only available for elements created by the binder (excepting Message objects). So, elements that are created at injection time (e.g, JIT bindings, Stage, Injector, Logger, etc.) will not contain these data.
For elements affected, ElementSource.getDeclaringSource() should return what is returned by getSource() currently.
2) In the case of binding builder, similar to the current implementation, ElementSource provides the call stack of builder creation not 'element addition to the binder's elements.'

Created by MOE: http://code.google.com/p/moe-java
25 files changed