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These folders host the maven metadata which are used to
build release binaries for hosting in the central maven
repositories. These are not considered the "canonical"
build, but are maintained seperately by (a) volunteer(s)
with an interest in easy use of Guava by the Maven build
As a convenience, these folders have been set up to
provide alternate packaging of the sub-pmodules, which
correspond to their respective java packages, with
sources symbolically linked back to the main project.
This will work to allow command-line builds on MacOS X
or other Unix platforms which support symbolic linking,
but is not known to work on Windows platforms.
(Obviously the deployed binaries in maven repostories
will work fine on any compliant JVM).
The maintainers of these metadata have used M2Eclipse
to import these projects directly into Eclipse. Please
remember that this codebase uses @Override annotations
on methods which implement an interface method, and
therefore require a JDK 1.6 (or newer 1.5 with the
appropriate fix) to support this behaviour. Executing
Maven with an appropriate JAVA_HOME env is sufficient,
and these metadata do not have toolchain restrictions
currently set up.