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Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java (JDK5 Backport)
This is the JDK5 backport of Guava. Notable differences from the
JDK6 version of Guava include:
- A variety of code is removed, most notably code that uses
`Math.scalb`, `Deque` and its inheritors, `NavigableMap`,
`NavigableSet` and their inheritors, and lots of methods that don't
make sense without the above.
- `TimeUnit` only supports `SECONDS` as the highest granularity time
unit in 1.5, so all uses of `MINUTES`, `DAYS` and `HOURS` have been
re-cast in terms of `SECONDS`.
- `Charset`-accepting methods on `String` and elsewhere were added in
1.6, so all charsets are passed in by using ``,
and exceptions are trapped or thrown as appropriate.
- The guava-gwt module is disabled by not including it in the list
of modules in the parent pom.xml.
The JDK5 backport builds with Maven, but has a number of
- While it uses `-source 1.5` and `-target 1.5` and produces valid 1.5
compatible class files, the backport does not build with JDK5.
@Override annotations on interface methods are retained.
- It requries a custom ExecutorService and AbstractExecutorService,
which we build in a boostrap project which is included in the build
of guava, guava-testlib and guava-tests.
- The Maven build will use a bootstrap rt.jar classpath based on a
standard sun JDK on unix. But this is overridable on a Mac by
passing in `-Dbootstrap.classes=/path/to/my/classes.jar`. Since
the backport will not build with JDK5, a JDK5 `rt.jar` should be used
to ensure that no JDK6+ APIs are used. If you have difficulties
building, please try setting the `bootstrap.classes` property to a
known `rt.jar` or `classes.jar`.
- Some tests will fail when run under JDK5 due to `guava-testlib` and
`guava-tests` having dependencies on other libraries that are compiled
with `-target 1.6`.