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  2. buildgen/
  3. codegen/
  4. distrib/
  5. dockerfile/
  6. doxygen/
  7. fuzzer/
  8. gce/
  9. gcp/
  10. gource/
  11. http2_interop/
  12. jenkins/
  13. lsan_suppressions.txt
  14. openssl/
  15. profiling/
  16. run_tests/
  17. tsan_suppressions.txt

buildgen: Template renderer for our build system.

distrib: Scripts to distribute language-specific packages.

dockerfile: Docker files to test gRPC.

doxygen: gRPC C/C++ documentation generation via Doxygen.

gce: Scripts to help setup testing infrastructure on GCE.

gcp: Helper scripts for interacting with various services on GCP (like Google container engine, BigQuery etc)

jenkins: Support for running tests on Jenkins.

run_tests: Scripts to run gRPC tests in parallel.