gRPC C# on Xamarin


Support of the Xamarin platform is currently experimental. The example depends on experimental Grpc.Core nuget package that hasn't been officially released and is only available via the daily builds source.

HINT: To download the package, please manually download the latest .nupkg packages from “Daily Builds” in into a local directory. Then add a nuget source that points to that directory (That can be done in Visual Studio or Visual Studio for Mac via “Configure nuget sources”). After that, nuget will also explore that directory when looking for packages.


The example project supports Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS.

For this sample, we've already generated the server and client stubs from helloworld.proto.


  • The latest version Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio for Mac with Xamarin support installed.


  • Open the HelloworldXamarin.sln in Visual Studio (or Visual Studio for Mac)
  • Build the solution (Build -> Build All)

Try it!

You can deploy the example apps directly through Visual Studio IDE. Deployments can target both Android and iOS (both support physical device deployment as well as simulator).