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  1. 5289ec1 android: Add build target 'libfruit' by Igor Murashkin · 7 weeks ago master
  2. 7dfecaa android: Import fruit from upstream by Igor Murashkin · 9 weeks ago
  3. 4f1aacf Also allow MSVC 2015's error message in test_move_partial_component. by Marco Poletti · 9 weeks ago
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  5. 4d60dc9 Disable the test test_register_factory_abstract_class_with_no_virtual_destructor_error on MSVC since it no longer triggers a compile error with latest MSVC. (investigation pending) by Marco Poletti · 9 weeks ago

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Fruit is a dependency injection framework for C++, loosely inspired by the Guice framework for Java. It uses C++ metaprogramming together with some new C++11 features to detect most injection problems at compile-time. It allows to split the implementation code in “components” (aka modules) that can be assembled to form other components. From a component with no requirements it's then possible to create an injector, that provides an instance of the interfaces exposed by the component.

See the wiki for more information, including installation instructions, tutorials and reference documentation.