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  1. 59888e7 Upgrade google-fruit to faa69229324e7b0393e2196b9fb919e5056dc675 by Haibo Huang · 5 weeks ago master
  2. faa6922 Declare the dep on boost in bazel, so that Fruit builds even on systems where Boost isn't installed. This required some refactoring of the testing code, since we can't depend on the Boost headers as a fileset (that we'd need) so generated code in tests can't include Boost anymore. by Marco Poletti · 9 weeks ago
  3. 07bde49 Upgrade google-fruit to 45fa33d27da5a9b21471094f34e7f26c21e71f5b am: f54f09cdcd by Haibo Huang · 2 months ago android-r-beta-2 android-r-beta-3
  4. f54f09c Upgrade google-fruit to 45fa33d27da5a9b21471094f34e7f26c21e71f5b by Haibo Huang · 2 months ago
  5. 45fa33d Add a bazel flag to the CI script, needed until Bazel is available in Ubuntu 20.04. by Marco Poletti · 3 months ago

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Fruit is a dependency injection framework for C++, loosely inspired by the Guice framework for Java. It uses C++ metaprogramming together with some C++11 features to detect most injection problems at compile-time. It allows to split the implementation code in “components” (aka modules) that can be assembled to form other components. From a component with no requirements it's then possible to create an injector, that provides an instance of the interfaces exposed by the component.

See the wiki for more information, including installation instructions, tutorials and reference documentation.