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  1. bcc3ca8 Remove redundant NOTICE copied from LICENSE. by Bob Badour · 7 days ago master
  2. 139c627 Move Lato to product partition. by Amin Shaikh · 1 year ago android10-c2f2-release android10-c2f2-s1-release android10-c2f2-s2-release android10-dev android10-mainline-media-release android10-mainline-networking-release android10-mainline-resolv-release android10-qpr1-b-release android10-qpr1-b-s1-release android10-qpr1-c-release android10-qpr1-c-s1-release android10-qpr1-d-release android10-qpr1-mainline-release android10-qpr1-release android10-qpr2-release android10-qpr2-s1-release ndk-sysroot-r21 android-10.0.0_r12 android-10.0.0_r13 android-10.0.0_r14 android-10.0.0_r15 android-10.0.0_r16 android-10.0.0_r18 android-10.0.0_r19 android-10.0.0_r20 android-10.0.0_r21 android-10.0.0_r22 android-10.0.0_r23 android-10.0.0_r24 android-10.0.0_r25 android-10.0.0_r26 android-10.0.0_r27 android-10.0.0_r28 android-10.0.0_r29 android-10.0.0_r30 android-10.0.0_r31 android-10.0.0_r32 android-10.0.0_r7 android-10.0.0_r8 android-10.0.0_r9 android-mainline-10.0.0_r10 android-mainline-10.0.0_r4 android-mainline-10.0.0_r9 android-r-preview-1 android-r-preview-2 platform-tools-29.0.5 platform-tools-29.0.6
  3. cca1823 Add default code reviewers into OWNERS by Chih-Hung Hsieh · 1 year, 2 months ago
  4. e651d87 Remove character from font that was breaking by Santiago Etchebehere · 1 year, 3 months ago
  5. 25390d0 Initial import of google-fonts/lato by Amin Shaikh · 1 year, 3 months ago
  6. 4140765 Initial empty repository by Diem Mai · 1 year, 3 months ago