gopls/internal/regtest/codelens: avoid compiler bug

Because of how the compiler internally represents variable references,
it sometimes gets position information incorrectly for them. The
codelens test hits this issue because for

	var x string

the diagnostic about "x" escaping to heap (which actually refers to
the implicit conversion to "interface{}" type) should be rightly
reported at the "x" identifier within the call arguments list.
However, due to the aforementioned compiler bug, historically we
reported the diagnostic at the "(" token instead.

In -G=3 mode, the compiler (correctly) report the diagnostic at "x"
instead; but with GOEXPERIMENT=unified, the compiler intentionally
matches the original -G=0 behavior and continues reporting at "("

This CL avoids the issue entirely by changing the line to
"fmt.Println(42)", which avoids the issue because the compiler always
correctly prints the diagnostic then at "42".

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