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# Copyright 2010-2013 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
import tempfile
import portage
from portage import os
from portage import shutil
from portage.const import EBUILD_PHASES
from portage.elog import elog_process
from portage.package.ebuild.config import config
from portage.package.ebuild.doebuild import doebuild_environment
from portage.package.ebuild.prepare_build_dirs import prepare_build_dirs
from portage.util._async.SchedulerInterface import SchedulerInterface
from portage.util._eventloop.EventLoop import EventLoop
from portage.util._eventloop.global_event_loop import global_event_loop
from _emerge.EbuildPhase import EbuildPhase
def spawn_nofetch(portdb, ebuild_path, settings=None, fd_pipes=None):
This spawns pkg_nofetch if appropriate. The settings parameter
is useful only if setcpv has already been called in order
to cache metadata. It will be cloned internally, in order to
prevent any changes from interfering with the calling code.
If settings is None then a suitable config instance will be
acquired from the given portdbapi instance. Do not use the
settings parameter unless setcpv has been called on the given
instance, since otherwise it's possible to trigger issues like
bug #408817 due to fragile assumptions involving the config
state inside doebuild_environment().
A private PORTAGE_BUILDDIR will be created and cleaned up, in
order to avoid any interference with any other processes.
If PORTAGE_TMPDIR is writable, that will be used, otherwise
the default directory for the tempfile module will be used.
We only call the pkg_nofetch phase if either RESTRICT=fetch
is set or the package has explicitly overridden the default
pkg_nofetch implementation. This allows specialized messages
to be displayed for problematic packages even though they do
not set RESTRICT=fetch (bug #336499).
This function does nothing if the PORTAGE_PARALLEL_FETCHONLY
variable is set in the config instance.
if settings is None:
settings = config(clone=portdb.settings)
settings = config(clone=settings)
return os.EX_OK
# We must create our private PORTAGE_TMPDIR before calling
# doebuild_environment(), since lots of variables such
# as PORTAGE_BUILDDIR refer to paths inside PORTAGE_TMPDIR.
portage_tmpdir = settings.get('PORTAGE_TMPDIR')
if not portage_tmpdir or not os.access(portage_tmpdir, os.W_OK):
portage_tmpdir = None
private_tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp(dir=portage_tmpdir)
settings['PORTAGE_TMPDIR'] = private_tmpdir
# private temp dir was just created, so it's not locked yet
settings.pop('PORTAGE_BUILDDIR_LOCKED', None)
doebuild_environment(ebuild_path, 'nofetch',
settings=settings, db=portdb)
restrict = settings['PORTAGE_RESTRICT'].split()
defined_phases = settings['DEFINED_PHASES'].split()
if not defined_phases:
# When DEFINED_PHASES is undefined, assume all
# phases are defined.
defined_phases = EBUILD_PHASES
if 'fetch' not in restrict and \
'nofetch' not in defined_phases:
return os.EX_OK
ebuild_phase = EbuildPhase(background=False,
scheduler=SchedulerInterface(portage._internal_caller and
global_event_loop() or EventLoop(main=False)),
fd_pipes=fd_pipes, settings=settings)
elog_process(settings.mycpv, settings)
return ebuild_phase.returncode