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# Copyright 2012 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
import textwrap
import portage
from portage.dep import _repo_separator
from portage.elog import elog_process
from portage.elog.messages import eerror
def eapi_invalid(self, cpv, repo_name, settings,
eapi_var, eapi_parsed, eapi_lineno):
msg = []
msg.extend(textwrap.wrap(("EAPI assignment in ebuild '%s%s%s' does not"
" conform with PMS section 7.3.1 (see bug #402167):") %
(cpv, _repo_separator, repo_name), 70))
if not eapi_parsed:
# None means the assignment was not found, while an
# empty string indicates an (invalid) empty assingment.
"\tvalid EAPI assignment must"
" occur on or before line: %s" %
msg.append(("\tbash returned EAPI '%s' which does not match "
"assignment on line: %s") %
(eapi_var, eapi_lineno))
if >= 2:
# TODO: improve elog permission error handling (bug #416231)
for line in msg:
eerror(line, phase="other", key=cpv)
elog_process(cpv, settings,
out = portage.output.EOutput()
for line in msg: