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<longdescription>BFilter is a filtering web proxy. It was originally intended for removing banner ads only, but at some point
it has been extended to remove popups and webbugs. It can't be used as a general purpose filtering proxy
because it was never intended this way.
For example you can't just block an arbitrary object, you can only hint the ad detector in its decision making.
The main advantage BFilter has over the similar tools is its heuristic ad detection algorithm. The traditional
blocklist-based approach is also implemented, but it's mostly used for dealing with false positives. Unlike
other tools that require constant updates of their blocklists, BFilter manages to remove over 90% of ads
even with an empty blocklist!
The javascript generated ads are not a problem for BFilter, as it has a javascript engine to combat them.
BFilter is expected work with any browser that supports proxies (nearly any browser does), and can forward
requests to another HTTP proxy.</longdescription>
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