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Nvidia provides different branches of its drivers for different batches of its
hardware. When maintaining these ebuilds or other ebuilds depending on them,
you will need to keep in mind that the major versions represent these different
<flag name='X'>Install the driver, OpenGL libraries, XvMC libraries, and VDPAU libraries</flag>
<flag name='gtk2'>Install nvidia-settings with support for GTK+ 2</flag>
<flag name='gtk3'>Install nvidia-settings with support for GTK+ 3</flag>
<flag name='pax_kernel'>PaX patches from the PaX project</flag>
<flag name='tools'>Install additional tools such as nvidia-settings</flag>
<flag name='uvm'>Install the Unified Memory kernel module (nvidia-uvm) for sharing memory between CPU and GPU in CUDA programs</flag>