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# Copyright 1999-2011 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Id$
inherit eutils
DESCRIPTION="Alpha Linux boot loader for SRM"
KEYWORDS="-* alpha"
src_unpack() {
unpack ${A}
# setup local copies of kernel headers since we rely so
# heavily on linux internals.
mv gentoo-headers-base-${KERN_VER}/include/{linux,asm-generic,asm-alpha} "${S}"/include/ || die
cd "${S}"/include
ln -s asm-alpha asm || die
touch linux/config.h || die
cd "${S}"
epatch "${FILESDIR}/aboot-gcc-3.4.patch"
epatch "${FILESDIR}/aboot-pt_note.patch"
# Bug 364697
epatch "${FILESDIR}/aboot-define_stat_only_in_userspace.patch"
# Modified patch from Debian to add netboot support
epatch "${WORKDIR}"/aboot_gentoo.diff
src_compile() {
# too many problems with parallel building
emake -j1 || die "emake failed"
src_install() {
dodir /boot /sbin /usr/share/man/man{1,5,8}
make \
root="${D}" \
bindir="${D}"/sbin \
bootdir="${D}"/boot \
mandir="${D}"/usr/share/man \
insinto /boot
doins net_aboot.nh
dobin netabootwrap
dodoc ChangeLog INSTALL README TODO aboot.conf
insinto /etc
newins "${FILESDIR}"/aboot.conf aboot.conf.example
pkg_postinst() {
einfo "To make aboot install a new bootloader on your harddisk follow"
einfo "these steps:"
einfo ""
einfo " - edit the file /etc/aboot.conf"
einfo " - cd /boot"
einfo " - swriteboot -c2 /dev/sda bootlx"
einfo " This will install a new bootsector on /dev/sda and aboot will"
einfo " use the second partition on this device to lookup kernel and "
einfo " initrd (as described in the aboot.conf file)"
einfo ""
einfo "IMPORTANT :"
einfo ""
einfo "The partition table of your boot device has to contain "
einfo "a BSD-DISKLABEL and the first 12 megabytes of your boot device"
einfo "must not be part of a partition as aboot will write its bootloader"
einfo "in there and not as with most x86 bootloaders into the "
einfo "master boot sector. If your partition table does not reflect this"
einfo "you are going to destroy your installation !"
einfo "Also note that aboot currently only supports ext2/3 partitions"
einfo "to boot from."