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<flag name='bmp'>Support windows bitmap (bmp) image loader</flag>
<flag name='eet'>Support dev-libs/eet</flag>
<flag name='ico'>Support windows icon (ico) image loader</flag>
<flag name='gles'>Enable gles flavor of gl instead of standard</flag>
<flag name='ppm'>Support PPM image loader</flag>
<flag name='psd'>Support PSD image loader</flag>
<flag name='tga'>Support tga image loader</flag>
<flag name='wayland'>Add support for <pkg>dev-libs/wayland</pkg></flag>
Evas is a hardware-accelerated canvas API for X-Windows that can draw
anti-aliased text, smooth super and sub-sampled images, alpha-blend, as well as
drop down to using normal X11 primitives such as pixmaps, lines and rectangles
for speed if your CPU or graphics hardware are too slow.
Evas abstracts any need to know much about what the characteristics of your
XServer's display are, what depth or what magic visuals etc, it has. The most you
need to tell Evas is how many colors (at a maximum) to use if the display is not
a truecolor display. By default it is suggested to use 216 colors (as this
equates to a 6x6x6 color cube - exactly the same color cube Netscape, Mozilla,
gdkrgb etc. use so colors will be shared). If Evas can't allocate enough colors
it keeps reducing the size of the color cube until it reaches plain black and
white. This way, it can display on anything from a black and white only terminal
to 16 color VGA to 256 color and all the way up through 15, 16, 24 and 32bit