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ffDiaporama is an application for creating video sequences consisting of
- titles, fixed or animated.
- images or photos, fixed or animated.
- movie clips
- music
These sequences are assembled into a slide show by means of transitions to produce complete videos
The following options are available:
- Reframing of images and photos
- Cutting of video clips
- Adding text, notes to images, photos, sequences and animations
- Graphical filters on the images and the videos (conversion into black and white, dust removal, equalization of colors, etc.)
- Creation of animation by zoom, rotation or Ken Burns Effect on images or photos
- Correction of the images and the videos during animations (luminosity, contrast, gamma, colors, etc.)
- Transitions between sequences with definition of the transition type, sequence by sequence.
- Addition of a background sound (wav, mp3 or ogg) with customizable effects for volume, fade in/out and passage in pause, sequence by sequence.
- Generation of videos usable on most current video equipment (DVD player/smartphone, multimedia box, hard drive, etc.) but also publishable on the main video-sharing Websites (YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.)
- Video formats from QVGA (320×240) to Full HD (1920×1080) by way of the DVD and HD 720 formats.
- Image geometry (aspect ratio) : 4:3, 16:9 or 2.35:1 (cinema)
- Possible formats for rendering : avi, mpg, mp4, mkv
<flag name="openclipart">Support openslipart database</flag>
<flag name="texturemate">Install extra backgrounds</flag>