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<maintainer type="project">
<name>Gentoo Science Project</name>
<longdescription lang="en">
PLplot is a library of functions that are useful for making scientific
plots. It can be used from within compiled languages such as C, C++,
FORTRAN and Java, as well as interactively from interpreted languages such
as Octave, Python, Perl and Tcl. It is capable of producing standard x-y
plots, semilog plots, log-log plots, contour plots, 3D surface plots, mesh
plots, bar charts and pie charts. Multiple graphs may be composited, and it
also supports a large variety of output file devices such as Postscript,
PNG, JPEG, LaTeX and others. It is also possible to to use interactive
devices such as xwin, tk and xterm as output devices. PLplot also offers
support for extended characters inculding the Greek alphabet and a host of
mathematical symbols.
<flag name="ada">Add bindings for the ADA programming language</flag>
<flag name="dynamic">Build with dynamic drivers</flag>
<flag name="octave">Add bindings for
<flag name="pdl">Add bindings for <pkg>dev-perl/PDL</pkg></flag>
<flag name="qhull">Add bindings for <pkg>media-libs/qhull</pkg></flag>
<flag name="shapefile">Enable support for ESRI shapefiles</flag>
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