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Suitename is a new C program that supports the ROC RNA Ontology Consortium
consensus RNA backbone nomenclature and conformer-list development (see our RNA
backbone rotamer section.
From dihedral-angle input for a specific RNA structure (usually from Dangle),
Suitename categorizes the RNA backbone geometry of each suite (the
sugar-to-sugar version of a residue) either as an outlier ("!!") or as belonging
to one of the 53 defined conformer bins. The output is either a
one-line-per-suite report, or a linear conformer string (as shown below the
image here) in one of several variant formats. Suitename is built into
MolProbity, producing entries in the multi-criterion chart for an RNA model and
also a suitestring file. The Suitename code is made available here for bulk or
individual command-line use.