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<maintainer type="project">
<flag name="cdr">Allows MythMusic to burn CD-Rs</flag>
<flag name="exif">Allows MythGallery to read EXIF data from photos</flag>
<flag name="fftw">Adds visual effects to MythMusic when playing back music</flag>
<flag name="hls">HTTP Live Streaming support</flag>
<flag name="raw">Allows MythGallery to view photos saved in RAW format</flag>
<flag name="mytharchive">Allows you to archive recorded content to CD or DVD</flag>
<flag name="mythbrowser">Adds a web browser within MythTV</flag>
<flag name="mythgallery">Adds a picture viewing gallery within MythTV</flag>
<flag name="mythgame">Adds a frontend to various ROM emulators within MythTV</flag>
<flag name="mythmusic">Adds the ability for MythTV to act as a music player</flag>
<flag name="mythnetvision">Adds the ability to view netvision devices within MythTV</flag>
<flag name="mythnews">Adds a news viewer within MythTV</flag>
<flag name="mythweather">Adds weather information within MythTV</flag>
<flag name="mythzoneminder">Adds support for zoneminder (requires a server with the appropriate mythtv daemon somewhere on the network).</flag>
<remote-id type="github">MythTV/mythtv</remote-id>