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D-Bus is a simple, message-based protocol for inter-process
communication, which allows applications to interact with other parts of
the machine and the user's session using remote procedure calls.
D-Bus is a essential part of the modern Linux desktop, where it replaces
earlier protocols such as CORBA and DCOP.
This library is an implementation of the D-Bus protocol in Haskell. It
can be used to add D-Bus support to Haskell applications, without the
awkward interfaces common to foreign bindings.
Example: connect to the session bus, and get a list of active names.
&amp;#x7b;-\# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings \#-&amp;#x7d;
import Data.List (sort)
import DBus
import DBus.Client
main = do
&amp;#x20; client &lt;- connectSession
&amp;#x20; //
&amp;#x20; \-- Request a list of connected clients from the bus
&amp;#x20; reply &lt;- call_ client (methodCall \"\/org\/freedesktop\/DBus\" \"org.freedesktop.DBus\" \"ListNames\")
&amp;#x20; &amp;#x7b; methodCallDestination = Just \"org.freedesktop.DBus\"
&amp;#x20; &amp;#x7d;
&amp;#x20; //
&amp;#x20; \-- org.freedesktop.DBus.ListNames() returns a single value, which is
&amp;#x20; \-- a list of names (here represented as [String])
&amp;#x20; let Just names = fromVariant (methodReturnBody reply !! 0)
&amp;#x20; //
&amp;#x20; \-- Print each name on a line, sorted so reserved names are below
&amp;#x20; \-- temporary names.
&amp;#x20; mapM_ putStrLn (sort names)
&gt;$ ghc --make list-names.hs
&gt;$ ./list-names