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<name>Gentoo Mathematics Project</name>
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The OpenOpt suite of Python packages contains the following modules:
* openopt: universal numerical optimization package with
several solvers (e.g. ralg) and connections to tens of other,
graphical output of convergence.
* FuncDesigner: tool to rapidly build functions over
variables/arrays and get their dense/sparse derivatives via
automatic differentiation, integration (with specifiable accuracy by
interalg), interpolation, uncertainty analysis and interval
analysis, eigenvalue analysis, solve systems of linear/nonlinear/ODE
equations and numerical optimization problems coded in FuncDesigner
by OpenOpt.
* DerApproximator: tool to get (or check user-supplied) derivatives
via finite-difference approximation
* SpaceFuncs: tool for 2D, 3D, N-dimensional geometric modeling with
possibilities of parametrized calculations, numerical optimization
and solving systems of geometrical equations.